From Depression to Deliverance eBook: How God Can Heal Your Heart in 30 Days!

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Single. Pregnant. Lonely. Angry. Depressed

Why Should I Still Care?

How Could He Walk Away So Easily?

How Do I Deal with This Anger & Resentment?

I had the same questions as you. When I was pregnant and suddenly abandoned by my partner who meant the world to me, I was going through the same complex emotions you are experiencing now.

I cared for my partner but was unable to understand why he left like he did, leaving me with anger and resentment. I was wretchedly depressed, not wanting to care about anything. I was just unable to deal with everyday life and pick myself up, to move on.

But then, I did.

I made peace with situation. I created my own circles of support. I healed myself. I no longer constantly thought about how it might be if he stayed or came back. I no longer lamented in thoughts about what could have been, if this had not happened to me.

I came out a winner.

Now, I want you to do the same as well.

This awakening in my life has now become my calling. Now, all I do is help single mothers like you overcome hurt, resentment and disappointment to find their way to happiness.

I have documented by travails, trial, tribulations and my road to triumph in my book “From Depression to Deliverance”. In this book, I have documented strategies, coping mechanisms and constructive thought processes with which you can turn your life around, just like hundreds of other young single women have.

What you will learn from my “From Depression to Deliverance” book?

  • You will learn how to forgive and let go of your pain and resentment, in a healthy way

  • You will learn how to accept closure, embrace acceptance and invite peace into your life

  • You will learn how to be whole, complete and happy again

From Depression to Deliverance

How God can Heal Your Heart in 30 Days!

A Book with Memoirs of a Single Pregnant Mother who Overcame Abandonment and the Terrifying Accompanying Depression and Fear

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Love this book! Coleman shares her own powerful story and I found a lot to relate to. It helped me feel like I’m not alone in my own personal struggles and gave hope of better days ahead. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an inspirational message to help them through tough times. Nikki F.

I really enjoyed this book! Ms. Coleman truly provides great insight and encouragement to the women experiencing hardship in their lives. There is something for everyone to gain while reading. Very well-written and inspirational. Tia Kirk

This is such a good read. I love to read someone's life struggles and how they overcame them!!! I would defiantly recommend this book to others!!! ~ Amazon Customer Review

This great book has been added to my wisdom collection.~Cassia

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